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10% of all proceeds are given towards a mission to rebuild Haiti communities.


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Remy Black is a coffee company with a mission. Some proceeds from every bag of coffee we sell are donated to rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, Remy Black Coffee’s founder Bret Garrett traveled to Port-au-Prince on a mission trip.  He witnessed firsthand the extreme need of a devastated community. He also saw the strength and resilience of the Haitian people, and the beauty of their culture.


It began in Port-au-Prince. Garrett met Bishop Serge Coulanges at his church, Eglise de Dieu. The Eglise was serving not only as a place for his congregation to worship, but as a full-service community center for Port-au-Prince’s displaced and in need.  Utilizing every inch of space, the Eglise serves as a homeless shelter, distribution site for clothing and food, vocational school, and as a headquarters for projects to rebuild public structures. Throughout, Garrett saw the determination and ingenuity of a people coming together to rebuild and revitalize their community.

The experience stayed with him. Back home in St Louis, he searched for ways to continue giving aid to Bishop Coulanges and Mission Eglise.

He found it looking down into his hand:  there it was, coffee. Then came the years of coffee research, cuppings, tastings, experimentations and finally hosting a coffee tasting for a STL Starbucks team which included the Starbucks VP.  

Coffee production has been an important piece of the Haitian economy since the early 1700s, and growing methods have remained largely unchanged. The result is a rich, unique coffee experience, untouched by pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Remy Black Coffee was launched to foster Haitian self-sufficiency and economic development through Haitian-grown coffee beans. Heirloom beans from Haiti and other Central American countries are roasted and distributed through Remy Black coffee as a brand of Remy Black Company: 


 Proceeds now support HaitiMade efforts to establish Haiti Entrepreneurial Initiatives through the sale of products.  

Support our mission - support Haiti.  Experience a taste of the Americas. 


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